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Javan executive chair T50 gray frame

8,557,500 IRT
which can easily compete with similar foreign models at its level with its unique technical features and characteristics. be This product is sold in gray color, but the t50a product is sold in black. Among the important points of this product, it can be mentioned that this product has a very affordable and economical price in comparison with its similar products, which can make the choice easy for the consumer. Please note that the packaging of this It is a cardboard product and the main body of the chair is assembled together with a five-wheeled base and a 12-centimeter jack. The features and characteristics of the young management chair t50 gray frame
  • The seat cover has a variety of colors and materials, which can be produced at the customer's request when placing an order
  • It has a very beautiful design and the necessary standards for a complete and high-quality chair
  • Suitable for use by people who have pain and disease in the spine area.
  • Mesh cover that prevents sweating due to having many pores
  • Five-wheel base with nickel-chrome plating, which, in addition to beauty, has high resistance to moisture
  • It has a headrest (adjustable back) and back rest (adjustable lumbar support), which induces a sense of comfort and relaxation to the user during long periods of sitting.
  • It has adjustable handles both vertically (height) and horizontally
  • The best and highest quality materials available in the market have been used in the production of this product

Young management chair 3040

7,770,000 IRT
Technical dimensions Overall width: 68 Total depth: 67 Specialized dimensions Sole dimensions: 52*57 Back dimensions: 57*79 Foam type: cold Type

J750A javan chair

5,460,000 IRT
Model 750 chair is one of the best-selling and most popular products of young office furniture. The use of quality

javan management chair 3060

7,980,000 IRT
Technical dimensions of the 3060 managerial youth chair Overall width: 68.5 Overall height: 130-139 Total depth: 74 The height of